Pool Demolition includes demolition of drainage holes, demolition of pool side walls, proper backfill and compaction with all city approvals and inspections.

Pool Backfill includes the demolition of drainage holes, the keeping of all (or most) pool side walls, proper backfill and compaction with all city approvals and inspections.

Complete Swimming Pool Removal includes the demolition and removal of all debris offsite. Proper compaction, backfill, soils engineering testing will be provided with all city approvals and inspections.

What Do We Offer?

Our swimming pool demolition service includes:

  • Contacting Dig Alert (all utility locators) 

  • Pumping the water from pool and spa

  • Drafting and opening all permits

  • Preparing any recommendations, covenants, or Fire Ant Reports (as required by some Cities)

  • Capping utilities at the source

  • Scheduling all City/County inspections

  • Removal and backfill of the pool along with providing a stamped Geotechnical Engineers Report to the City and the owners when required,

  • Always provide final inspection from each City/County.

What License Should a Pool Demolition Require?

A pool demolition should require a licensed contractor to hold a General Engineering (CSLB Class A) or General Contractor (CSLB Class B) License. These two types of California State License Board Classifications properly equip the contractor & employees to be well adversed in what needs to be done. We would NOT recommend any other types of licensing as it does not properly equip the company to complete a pool demolition/backfill properly.

What Do We Offer That is Different?

  • General Engineering "A" License (Required)

  • General Contractor "B" License (Required)

  • Legal Citizens as Employees

  •    NO   Subcontractors 

  • Proper Insurance

  • Workers Compensation for all employees

  • Contractors Bond

  • 25+ Years of Experience

  • 3,000 Swimming Pool Demolitions

  • Only Company Qualified to do Pool Demolition AND Final Installation

Don't believe us? Call you local Building Department and ask who has opened the most swimming pool demolition permits in the last 25+ years?


Interested In Our Services?

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Serving Orange County, and South LA County.


Licensed, Bonded and Insured.
CSLB LIC#: 696810

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